Collin Smith, Mortgage Broker

I work for you, not the banks, giving you a shot at a better mortgage.

Experienced Mortgage Broker

Hello, I am Collin Smith. I am a husband, father of two wonderful kids, a University Graduate and Mortgage Broker going on my 17th year.

What sets me apart as a broker

I am fortunate to have experienced both sides of the mortgage industry. I worked as a Mortgage Specialist in one of the major banks for nine years. Now, as a broker, I have access to many lenders: including some of those large banks. Knowing how they each do mortgages is an advantage I pass along to my clients.

Working hard for my clients

Conversations about products, pricing, rate strategies, etc. is always a thrill. I love helping people realize their financial goals throughout their life stages. It gives me great satisfaction to secure mortgages where others have given up. I am loyal, honest and hardworking. My customers stick with me because I keep in touch with them long after the paperwork. I don’t “love then leave them.”

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Photo of Collin Smith holding award from Mortgage Alliance

Mortgage Alliance is the most recognized and trusted mortgage brokerage in Canada. As a Mortgage Alliance professional, I have the expertise to get the Right Mortgage for you. I work for you, not the banks, and provide unbiased guidance in your mortgage decision. We work with over 60 lenders (some offered only through brokers). We give you the choice, convenience and great counsel that you deserve!

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